An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton | Clinton needs to shed the aura of impropriety created by the opposition

Dear Hillary-

Let me start by saying that while I’m not your biggest fan, I am voting for you.  The reason I’m not a fan is not that I believe the bad press the alt-right (and the mainstream right) has heaped on you.  My reason is simple– I find you too conservative.  But I also believe you are extremely well informed on the issues and are unquestionably the most experienced candidate during this election cycle.

But a large segment of America believes you lack integrity.  They believe your ties to the Clinton Foundation and your decision to use a private email server are momentous moral failures that warrant hatred of you and your candidacy.  I disagree.  I believe the email server issue is much ado about nothing.  And the Clinton Foundation’s benefactors did not help to shape American foreign policy during your tenure as Secretary of State.

So what’s the problem?  Why is it that Donald Trump, probably the most unqualified presidential candidate of all times, is within striking distance of being POTUS?  Why aren’t you leading in the polls by double digits?  The answer is simple.  Obvious.  It’s perception.

The American public’s perception of you has been so affected by the constant barrage of “lock her up” and “Hillary killary” that even your supporters believe that you’ve done something shady, albeit they will still vote for you to stop Trump.  That’s right, even many of your supporters believe you did something wrong!

Therein lies your biggest problem.  And therein also lies the solution to your problem.  You need to change the perception your supporters have of you before you can hope to change the perception of swing voters.  And you don’t have a lot of time to do it.  Your supporters want to believe in you.  They don’t want to vote for you merely because you are the anti-Trump.  They want to vote for you.

Your supporters don’t want to tell their colleagues they’re voting against Trump and therefore casting a vote for you.  They want to proudly say “I’m voting for Hillary Clinton because she’s the most qualified candidate and I believe in her.”

But as long as this aura continues to cloud reality, they can’t.  Any time they voice support for you, their colleagues challenge them with comments about the foundation and email servers and question their judgment.  So your many of your supporters remain quiet.  Intending to vote for you and praying that there is no “October surprise”.  Hoping for the best but bracing for the worst.

You need to stop being defensive about the email and the foundation.  You need to let your supporters know you are proud of the foundation and are not going to apologize for doing good works.  You need to let them know that you regret the opportunity your use of a private email server provided for your political enemies to besmirch your character.  But you must not apologize for endangering national security because that never happened.

In other words, you need to stand proud.  You need to cast off the aura that all the negative press has created and let your brilliance shine at the upcoming debates.

Trump is a moron who knows little to nothing about the issues facing our country.  But he’s excellent at manipulating the media.  Don’t let him turn the debates into a forum about email servers and the Clinton Foundation.  Control the dialog instead of letting it control you.

Very truly yours,

One Voter for Hillary

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