Has Donald Trump Already Blown It?

Politico reported last week: “No candidate in Donald Trump’s position at this stage of the campaign has gone on to win the popular vote in November in the modern polling era.”

The personal insults, the rollicking rhetoric, the Twitter rants, the blatant falsehoods that originally powered his candidacy have more recently become acts of self-harm, whether it has been inviting “Second Amendment people” to stop Hillary Clinton or quarrelling with the Khan family. The words “Clinton landslide” have been uttered for the first time. Republicans, fearful of a Goldwater-style rout, have even explored ways of firing him as their candidate.

A key difference between last year’s summer of Trumpian love and the dog days of the past few weeks is that the electorate he is seeking to woo has changed, but the egomaniac continues to rely on his old tricks.

He fired the CEO of his campaign, Paul Manafort.  The spin is that he hired Stephen Bannon of Breitbart to work alongside Manafort.  But that was yesterday.  Today, Manafort “resigned”.  In light of Trump’s old television show, the Apprentice, it’s surprising he didn’t publically utter the words “you’re fired.”  But this is politics, so things are a little more subtle.

With Bannon in charge, a Trump spokeswoman (Katrina Pierson) went on TV (falsely) claiming that Hillary Clinton had a brain disorder.  This earns her (and her boss, Donald Trump) four Pinocchios for absolute BS.


Expect to see more blatant lying from the Trump campaign now that Bannon is encouraging Trump to “be Trump.”  Which is to say having a racist xenophobe urging another racist xenophobe to be themselves.  Trump’s campaign should totally implode in the next few weeks.

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