Donald Trump to Build Net to Stop Zika, Will Make Mosquitos Pay For It

Presidential candidate and visionary Donald Trump has proposed building a wall along the Mexican border to keep Mexicans from illegally entering the United States.  Many of his supporters point to his knack for finding new and innovative solutions to old problems.

Trump’s supporters are particularly impressed by Trump’s plan to have Mexico pay for the wall.

“Why should the United States pay for it?  We’ll just cut off all the MoneyGrams going to Mexico until the Mexican government agrees to build the wall at their expense.  Without the billions of dollars being sent back to Mexico by all the illegals living in the U.S., the Mexican economy would collapse.  Problem solved.”

In another stroke of genius, Mr. Trump has solved the Zika epidemic.  He is going to construct a giant mosquito net over the entire U.S.  That way, Zika carrying mosquitos will find themselves unable to enter the United States, much as Mexicans would be with the wall.

In keeping with achieving these grandiose solutions at little or no public expense, Trump promises to have the mosquitos pay for the net.  Trump hasn’t yet announced the details of what leverage he will apply to force them to pay, but we’re confident he’ll come up with something as brilliant as his plan for Mexico.

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