Donald Trump’s Rise to Power– History Repeating Itself

Adolph Hitler’s rise to power began in earnest in 1929. Events in America that year set the stage for him to succeed. If not for the Great Depression, which had the same impact on Europe as it did America, Hitler could have never rallied enough common people behind him to become ruler of Germany (Thank You, Wall Street!). And if you take a close look at those events and how Adolph Hitler used them to obtain absolute power, you will get a very ire feeling.

Germany was a democratic country with duly elected government officials. Every legal resident who was of age had the right to vote. Hitler used that democratic process to gain a narrow majority, and then forcibly obtained absolute power, turning Germany into a state of fascism.

The term “Nazi” isn’t exactly an acronym but stood for Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, or, in English, “National Socialist German Workers’ Party”. Ironically, in later years, Hitler destroyed the workers and their unions. One citizen said “I can’t explain the state that unemployment plunged us into. We really thought that Hitler alone could get us out of that misery.”

Below you will find a feature length, documented video of Hitler’s rise to power. While the first few minutes has some vital information about Hitler’s early life, it’s not until about the 30 minute mark that things start to get really interesting. But before you view the video, consider the following:

  • Hitler convinced the populace that he had their best interest at heart and he was their only way out. Trump says “only I can fix” what’s wrong with America.
  • Hitler’s henchmen clashed, sometimes violently, with the people he claimed to represent while others carried out violent acts that they thought Hitler would approve of. Trump supporters have engaged in violence against peaceful demonstrators opposing Trump.
  • Hitler provoked disorder, and then claimed he was the only one capable of stopping it, a very effective strategy which rallied small business owners and homeowners around him. Trump has provoked violence against minorities and then claims that he is “against bigotry”.
  • Prior to the 1933 elections, Hitler started blaming German’s ills on unions and government workers. Trump is anti-union and blames the existing government infrastructure (the establishment) for America’s ills.
  • Hitler had his own news organizations who advocated his personal views which, through lies and propaganda, convinced most of the population Hitler was the only truth-teller. Trump has a conglomerate of right and ultra-right wing news organizations who advocate his personal views, through lies and propaganda, to convince the population that Trump is the only truth.
  • Anti-Semitism became common place, turning citizen against citizen. In Hitler’s world, only pure white people were worthy of life. Trump has advocated against Islam, Mexicans and other minorities and many of his followers are white’s who share his racist views.
  • Propaganda (lies) played a major role in Hitler’s successful rise to absolute power. Propaganda (lies) play a major role in Trump’s rise to power, which he and his surrogates have repeated so frequently that people accept them as (at least partially) truth.

As you watch the video, remember these aforementioned facts. As you do, you will begin to see an astonishing similarity to what’s happening here in America today. For example, Hitler had his Jews to hate and blame for Germany’s troubles; America has its Muslims and Mexicans closely followed by blacks and other minorities, the working poor, and the elderly thrown in as the cause of all our problems.

Because it is so very important, it needs to be said again: Hitler use democracy to gain absolute power. He was patient, knowing he could not achieve his objective over night. So he simply used the peoples’ gullibility, ignorance and free society against them.


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