Even Trump Supporters Fear His Finger on the Nuclear Button

Until Trump came along, voters had largely shifted their worries elsewhere, away from the sobering reality that nuclear warheads can pulverize entire cities in an instant, that they are so powerful that merely possessing them is a deterrent to war, and that presidents can order, on their own, that a nuclear weapon be launched.

One of Clinton’s most persuasive talking points is asking whether someone who can be so easily enraged by a tweet should have his finger on the nuclear button.     There has been an outpouring of alarm from national security experts — including dozens who served at the highest levels of Republican administrations — even many die-hard Trump supporters admit they are rattled by the idea.

“You get into some dangerous hypotheticals of what it would look like if Donald Trump gave an order” disputed by the military, said John Noonan, a GOP security advisor and former launch officer who had access to the launch codes.  “The question is whether the nuclear infrastructure is robust enough to survive instability at top. I think it is. But this also places unnecessary stress on the military.  The best thing American people can do is just make sure Donald Trump is never elected president.”

Extreme caution with nuclear weapons is not the subject of partisan debate.  Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Greens all agree that nobody wins by resorting to the use of nuclear weapons.  Except, apparently, Donald Trump.

Trump has suggested America use nuclear weapons to bomb Islamic State. He has proposed that Japan and maybe even Saudi Arabia build their own arsenals. And he has weakened the deterrent effect of nuclear bombs in Europe by suggesting a Trump administration would not come to the aid of NATO members who owe the alliance money.

During security briefings, Trump reportedly asked those providing the briefing why the United States has not used nuclear weapons during some recent military conflicts.  The fact that Trump advocates nuclear proliferation and has expressed a willingness to use nuclear weapons in any scenario other than defensive scares all sane people, including his most ardent supporters.

Do you feel safe with Donald Trump having the unilateral ability to launch nuclear weapons?  If the answer is a resounding no, then you cannot allow him to become president of the United States.  Regardless of how you may feel about Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s finger on the nuclear button is an existential threat to the entire planet.


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