Former GOP Senator from Virginia Endorses Clinton | John Warner: “I will, when I go into the booth, cast a vote for the Clinton/Kaine ticket”

(Los Angeles Times: Sarah D. Wire) — Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has gained another endorsement from a prominent Republican: retired Sen. John Warner of Virginia.

Appearing Wednesday with a fellow Virginian, Clinton’s running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, Warner praised Clinton’s preparation and experience.

“I will, when I go into the booth, cast a vote for the Clinton-Kaine ticket,” Warner said.

Warner, 89, a World War II veteran, former secretary of the Navy and former chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has endorsed Democrats before. He supported Democrat Mark Warner to replace him in the Senate.

In his remarks, Warner mentioned Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, only once, referring to his training during WWII, when he had “loose lips sink ships” drilled into him.

“Got that Trump? Loose lips sink ships!” he said.

Polls indicate that Clinton has a significant lead in Virginia. A heavily contested battleground in the past several elections, the state has trended steadily toward Democrats since 2004.

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