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Content Guidelines for Authors on

First and foremost, this site is devoted to defeating Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations.  It is our belief that the only way to combat his proliferation of lies and name calling is with the absolute truth.  No hyperbole and no name calling.  While we are of the same mind as to him being a sociopathic, egocentric, racist, self-aggrandizing moron, let’s keep those comments amongst ourselves.  Publishing that sort of content costs us credibility.  Therefore, anybody who is granted posting privileges on who (despite this warning) posts that type of content will have their posting privileges immediately revoked and the content will be removed from the site.  In some cases, we may even post an apology.  We want honest discourse, something sadly lacking in this entire campaign.

We are launching the site with several categories of posts.  At the time you post, make sure you select the appropriate category checkbox in order for the content to remain properly organized.  The initial categories are:

  • News:           Documented statements by the Trump campaign which demonstrate how insane and/or two-faced Trump really is.  Include a fact-checking link.
  • Lies:              Documented statements by the Trump campaign which are fabrications or distortions, easily disproved.  Include a fact-checking link showing the statement is untrue.
  • Blunders:    Mis-steps and other funny (either funny “ha-ha” or funny “this is what you can look forward to if Trump is elected”) content which diminishes Trump’s chops.  Include a fact-checking link.
  • Editorial:     Opinion.  All editorials must be saved as “drafts” only.  Notify that you’ve prepared an editorial.  One of the editors will review it and (if deemed appropriate) will then post it.  You will get credit as the author.  In the event of the need for a minor edit, the editor will make the change and post the article.  In the event of anything significant needing to be changed, the editor will make the change and save it as a draft and notify the author for final submission.

We like to include “art” with the articles, because they read better that way.  If you add a picture to your post, make sure to select it as the “featured image” in order to ensure that it appears on the home page that way.


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