Mission Statement

i-hate-trump-logo-fullsizeThe goal of I HATE TRUMP .org is to help stop Donald Trump from being elected president.  His candidacy seemed like a joke a year ago, but through his uncanny ability to read the sentiments of the angry mob, his popularity has gone viral.  By sensing where the mob is going and getting there first, Trump has achieved the appearance of being the leader of the mob.  But he isn’t.  The mob has its own agenda and Donald Trump has to follow that agenda–because if he doesn’t, he’ll stop being their leader.  Until election day.  Then, we’re stuck with him for at least the next four years.

What this bodes for America is extremely destructive.  The mob is angry and it is out for blood.  It isn’t thinking about whether rhetoric about abandoning our NATO allies could invite Russian aggression.  It doesn’t stop to consider where people will go for medical care if the Affordable Health Act is abolished.  They just want to tear everything down.

We HATE Donald Trump!  We believe that if he’s elected president things in our country will deteriorate.  We believe that almost any candidate would be better than a sociopathic, egotistical liar who has the temerity to tell the American people “I, alone, can fix” what’s wrong with America.  We urge everybody to vote for the candidate of their choice, as long as it is not Donald Trump.  We ask for your support in our effort to KEEP America Great! ! !

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