Trump Campaign in Turmoil, as Aides Give up Challenging Mogul and Top Republicans Begin Exploring Ways to Replace Him on Ballot

(NY Daily News) Donald Trump’s campaign has descended into outright turmoil, with top advisers exasperated and “suicidal” — and Republican leaders reportedly exploring ways to dump the mogul from the ticket.

Senior GOP officials have grown so bewildered with Trump’s bizarre antics — most recently his aggression toward the Muslim-American parents of a fallen soldier and his peculiar flirtations with Vladimir Putin — that they are actively exploring how they could replace the bombastic billionaire if he were to abandon his bid, ABC News reported Wednesday.

With Trump breaking rule after rule this election season, officials aren’t dismissing the possibility that the huckster could give up his run and drop out of the race altogether before the November election — and they want to be prepared if he does.  In that event, the 168 members of the RNC would initiate a complicated and drawn-out process that would result in the selection of a new nominee, ABC News reported.

Meanwhile, Trump’s beleaguered campaign did, in fact, appear on the verge of implosion Wednesday, as reports emerged that top aides had given up challenging the mogul over his outrageous statements and that other top Trump allies were planning an intervention in the coming days to encourage the candidate to do a hard reset of his message.

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