Trump Seals His Fate: We Predict a Clinton Landslide | Trump refuses to commit to accepting election results

Donald Trump made history in the last debate of the presidential cycle.  While he did passably well during the first forty minutes of the debate, he completely torpedoed any chance that he could still win this election with his response to a single question from moderator Chris Wallace:  If you lose the election, will you accept the results?  After initially saying he wouldn’t know until after the election, he finally exclaimed:

“I will keep you in suspense.”

His statement drew an audible gasp from the audience.

Trump has responded to his falling poll numbers by telling his supporters that if he loses, it is due to the election being “rigged.”  His rhetoric has resulted in some of his more rabid supporters to engage in talk about armed rebellion and a civil war.  Attempts by the Republican leadership and his running mate to tone down Trump’s claims in order to diffuse the possibility of violence have been rebuked by Trump.  This is the reason for Wallace’s question.

Trump failed.  We predict the result of this blunder will be swift and extreme.  Over the next 20 days we expect to see his polling numbers fall at least 2-3 percentage points.  This is enough that Clinton will likely win Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and possibly even Texas.

Trump has made good on his campaign’s central promise: to Make America Great Again.  He did that by handing the election to Hillary Clinton.

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