Why Donald Trump is Unfit for Office

Donald Trump is unfit to serve as President of the United States. He believes running the country is like running a business.

By: Michael M. Levin

Trump’s backers have expressed that they are confident he has the talents necessary to run America. What talents? They believe he has what it takes to make America “prosper.” Herein lies the fallacy of Trump’s suitability for public office–the idea that America is like a business and that a businessman at the helm ensures prosperity, which is a good thing. While economic prosperity for all Americans should certainly be the number one priority of all elected officials, achieving economic prosperity at the national level doesn’t necessarily ensure economic prosperity for Americans.

That there is a “wealth gap” between poor Americans and rich Americans and that the gap has widened tremendously over the past 20-30 years is undeniable. Economic realities have pushed the “lower middle class” below the poverty line and the middle is fast approaching the same fate. Why is this happening?

In great part, it is due to the increasing concentration of political power in a corporate and financial elite that has been able to influence the rules by which the economy runs. Intellectual property rights have been expanded and extended, resulting in Americans paying the highest price on the planet for pharmaceuticals and other necessities. Antitrust laws have been relaxed, causing Americans to pay more for everything from internet service to air travel to basic utilities. Bankruptcy laws have changed to provide more relief for corporations and less or none for individuals laden with student loans and credit debt.

Contracts which govern virtually every transaction with large business contain hidden “arbitration agreements” which take away individuals’ recourse to the courts in favor of a system much more friendly to business. Unemployment benefits have shriveled, welfare has been made unavailable in many cases. Unions have been eviscerated to where they no longer can stand up to big business.

The market itself has become ever more tilted towards moneyed interests (that have exerted disproportionate influence over it) while average Americans have steadily lost bargaining power—both economically and politically. Average Americans now receive a a much smaller piece of the pie than they did in the first three decades after World War II.

Reversing this trend requires reversing the influence big business has over the laws which govern the way America does business. The answer is not found in economics, it is found in politics. It is achieved by average Americans waking up and realizing they have been lied to, tricked and misled into giving up their control of America. The coming battleground is not between Democrats and Republicans–it is between the elitists who are currently in control and the overwhelming majority who has control of the ballot box.

Donald Trump is one of the elitists who is laughing all the way to the bank as he vies for a position in which he can wield even more influence over the laws that favor big business and the wealthy. He and his ilk have tricked average Americans, like “Joe the Plumber,” into believing that their path to the top is to support those already there (the elite) and help them remain entrenched. The lie being perpetrated is that by doing so, the elite will reach out a helping hand to Joe and help him achieve the America Dream. Really? When is the last time you went out of your way to help a person less fortunate achieve what you’ve already achieved?

Donald Trump is a moronic, egotistical bigot who is unfit to lead this country of over 300,000,000 human beings who all want success. Achieving a “profitable America” only means that the total economy is “in the black” and says nothing about how it is distributed. In fact, Trump’s vision could well end up with a budget balanced on the backs of the poor and soon-to-be-poor. After all, there’s a lot more of them than there are the elite.

Whether you are Republican, Democrat or Independent, Donald Trump is the wrong choice.

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