A Sad Time for All | Trump is NOT My President

Well, we just saw the most qualified person to ever run for President, Hillary Clinton, get defeated by the least qualified candidate, Donald Trump.  It goes to show you:

  • Xenophobia is alive and well in America;
  • Racism is alive and well in America;
  • Misogyny is alive and well in America;
  • Uneducated Americans will believe any bullshit that they want to believe;
  • There are truly two Americas: ours and the deplorables.

I’m not a good loser.  Not when the stakes are this high.  I feel a pain in the gut like somebody punched me in the stomach combined with a kind of sadness/numbness I associate with a relative or close friend dying.  I’m not able to shrug it off and just go on with my life.  Something fundamental has shifted for the worse.

Trump is unfit for the office he was just selected to.  I say selected because he got the electoral votes, but for the second time in recent memory, my candidate won the most votes by a margin of over 1/2 million votes and still lost.  Perhaps it’s time to get rid of the electoral college: a system designed to disproportionately favor small states with larger groups of non-eligible voters.

That being said, I don’t believe that Trump won this thing “fair and square”.  I will agree with him on one thing– this election was rigged.  But not in the way he said.  It was rigged by the Russian/Wiki Leaks/FBI connection combined with Fox News and Trump’s dupe, CNN.  Hillary Clinton deserved to be our 45th president.  Trump deserves to be locked up.  But sadly, we may have to put up with him for the next four years if nothing comes along to stop him, like his upcoming Trump University trial.  Or the public finally demanding he produce his tax returns.  There are so many holes for him to fall in, but then what?  President Pence?  That might be worse.

We need to band together.  We have two years to stage the takeover of the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.  Then, at least, we can stop Trump from doing anything more to hurt our country.  In the mean time, we have to find the strength to go on.  If you figure out how, please let me know.  I’m struggling with it.

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