FUCK 2020! ! !


We’re just a few hours away from the 2018 mid-term elections.  If the Republicans retain control, then this country is probably too far gone to save it.  If the Democrats take control of at least the house, then Trump can be slowed down, if not completely stopped.  It’s up to you, America.  I have very little confidence left in you but I have LOTS of hope.  PLEASE do the right thing tomorrow.

iH8trump.org’s New Mission

We originally started iH8trump.org as a source for anti-Trump campaign rhetoric in order to keep him from being elected.  That obviously didn’t work, since he managed to fool people into electing him as their president.  But he’s not our president.  So we’ll never refer to him as anything other than “president” Trump.  With a small “p”.

After a three month lapse (stemming primarily from shock and incredulity combined with a sense of hopelessness) we have decided to bring back iH8trump.org as a source for anti-Trump information in the hope that it will help encourage and support the Resistance.  With a capital “R”.

We can’t do it alone.  We need people to write copy and help spread the word.  PLEASE contact us and volunteer to provide articles.  Just CLICK HERE.


A Sad Time for All | Trump is NOT My President

Well, we just saw the most qualified person to ever run for President, Hillary Clinton, get defeated by the least qualified candidate, Donald Trump.  It goes to show you:

  • Xenophobia is alive and well in America;
  • Racism is alive and well in America;
  • Misogyny is alive and well in America;
  • Uneducated Americans will believe any bullshit that they want to believe;
  • There are truly two Americas: ours and the deplorables.

I’m not a good loser.  Not when the stakes are this high.  I feel a pain in the gut like somebody punched me in the stomach combined with a kind of sadness/numbness I associate with a relative or close friend dying.  I’m not able to shrug it off and just go on with my life.  Something fundamental has shifted for the worse.

Trump is unfit for the office he was just selected to.  I say selected because he got the electoral votes, but for the second time in recent memory, my candidate won the most votes by a margin of over 1/2 million votes and still lost.  Perhaps it’s time to get rid of the electoral college: a system designed to disproportionately favor small states with larger groups of non-eligible voters.

That being said, I don’t believe that Trump won this thing “fair and square”.  I will agree with him on one thing– this election was rigged.  But not in the way he said.  It was rigged by the Russian/Wiki Leaks/FBI connection combined with Fox News and Trump’s dupe, CNN.  Hillary Clinton deserved to be our 45th president.  Trump deserves to be locked up.  But sadly, we may have to put up with him for the next four years if nothing comes along to stop him, like his upcoming Trump University trial.  Or the public finally demanding he produce his tax returns.  There are so many holes for him to fall in, but then what?  President Pence?  That might be worse.

We need to band together.  We have two years to stage the takeover of the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.  Then, at least, we can stop Trump from doing anything more to hurt our country.  In the mean time, we have to find the strength to go on.  If you figure out how, please let me know.  I’m struggling with it.

Tomorrow: After the Vote

Election day is finally upon us.  The pundits are keeping us all guessing who is going to win.  Will we wake up tomorrow with a sigh of relief, comforted by the knowledge that Donald Trump won’t have the power to destroy our country?  Or will we wake up, asking what went so very wrong that an egotistical, xenophobic, racist megalomaniac is the choice of the majority of our fellow citizens to run our country?

I don’t know about you, but this election has been entirely different from any I can remember.  Oh, sure, I was worried that George Bush Sr. would get us into a war (he did).  I was horrified that we elected a total idiot like his son, who turned over the reins of power to a Nixon protégé (Cheney) who practically sank our economy.

But I honestly believe that Donald Trump is infinitely worse than either of the Bushes.  Worse than Nixon.  Worse than Reagan.  Donald Trump is a puppet of Vladimir Putin, who would try to have the U.S. withdraw from NATO.  He would cede Eastern Europe back to Russia so as to effectively revive the USSR.  Not to mention the havoc he would wreak on our economy.

Some of you have taken the attitude that you won’t vote for Trump, but you can’t bring yourself to vote for Hillary Clinton because she is “corrupt.”  Let me set you straight– ALL politicians engage in backroom deals and compromises.  That is how things get done and has been the case throughout history.  She isn’t any different than Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell.  Or, for that matter, the vaunted Bernie Sanders (who I supported in the primary).

The Republicans have been demonizing Hillary Clinton for 30 years.  This year, Putin got into the picture.  Why?  Because he is angry at her for challenging the legitimacy of his last “election” to power.  So he has poured the resources of the KGB into cyber attacks designed to benefit Trump.  That’s how Wiki Leaks got all of Podesta’s emails.

Jim Comey was unexpected.  I believe there will be investigations into why he released the letter he did 10 days before a presidential election.  It’s clear why (to attempt, one final time, to derail Clinton’s campaign).  But why?  Did he do it because he wanted to derail the campaign or did somebody force his hand?  Was he blackmailed into doing it?  Was Comey doing the Kremlin’s bidding, or somebody else’s?  These are all questions that need to be answered.

If Hillary Clinton wins this election, despite the unbelievable roadblocks thrown up by the Republicans, Russians, FBI and their dupes, both witting (Fox News) and unwitting (CNN), that victory will be the biggest political upset in American history.  It will be a testament to truth winning out over lies, hope over fear and love over hate.

If Hillary Clinton loses this election, it’s because the system was rigged.  That’s right, rigged.  Not against Trump, but against the most qualified person to ever run for the office of President of the United States.  Nevertheless, if she loses, she will concede her defeat gracefully.  Because that’s what people with class do, unlike the slimy shit-bag running against her.

SNL Third Debate


Trump Seals His Fate: We Predict a Clinton Landslide | Trump refuses to commit to accepting election results

Donald Trump made history in the last debate of the presidential cycle.  While he did passably well during the first forty minutes of the debate, he completely torpedoed any chance that he could still win this election with his response to a single question from moderator Chris Wallace:  If you lose the election, will you accept the results?  After initially saying he wouldn’t know until after the election, he finally exclaimed:

“I will keep you in suspense.”

His statement drew an audible gasp from the audience.

Trump has responded to his falling poll numbers by telling his supporters that if he loses, it is due to the election being “rigged.”  His rhetoric has resulted in some of his more rabid supporters to engage in talk about armed rebellion and a civil war.  Attempts by the Republican leadership and his running mate to tone down Trump’s claims in order to diffuse the possibility of violence have been rebuked by Trump.  This is the reason for Wallace’s question.

Trump failed.  We predict the result of this blunder will be swift and extreme.  Over the next 20 days we expect to see his polling numbers fall at least 2-3 percentage points.  This is enough that Clinton will likely win Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and possibly even Texas.

Trump has made good on his campaign’s central promise: to Make America Great Again.  He did that by handing the election to Hillary Clinton.

Media Anti-Trump Conspiracy Ends! | Trump gets one and only daily newspaper endorsement

Trump has been consistently whining about the election being “rigged” by the media.  It might have seemed that way to him, when not one single news outlet would endorse his candidacy.  But finally, that streak is broken.  The tiny Santa Barbara News-Press gave Trump his one and only endorsement.  So, we hereby declare Trump’s cries of foul to be unwarranted.

Here is a breakdown of the candidates’ endorsements as of today:

Out of a total of 177 daily newspaper that have taken a position about the presidential election, 147 endorsed Hillary Clinton.  Five papers who had endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012 decided to make no endorsement instead of endorsing Trump.  An unprecedented nine papers endorsed not Donald Trump rather than selecting any candidate.  They told their readers to vote for anybody but Trump.  Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, got an unprecedented six endorsements.

So to sum it up, 147 times as many papers picked Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.  Nine times as many papers said don’t vote for Trump as papers who said to vote for him.  And the third-party Libertarian candidate, who keeps having “Aleppo” moments got six times as many endorsements as Trump.

Of the 34 weekly newspapers that have taken a position, 33 endorsed Hillary Clinton and one endorsed not Donald Trump.  Twelve magazines have made endorsements, including some very conservative Christian ones.  Of those, eight have endorsed Hillary Clinton and the other four have endorsed not Donald Trump.  Out of 16 college newspapers, 14 have endorsed Hillary Clinton, one endorsed not Donald Trump and the remaining one made no endorsement.

But Trump finally has one.  So he can’t cry “conspiracy” anymore.  He has to acknowledge the reality that the press genuinely detests him and thinks he poses a danger to the very fabric of our country.

We support the position taken by all but one American daily, all the weeklies, magazines and college papers: Whatever you do, DO NOT vote for Trump.

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