Media Anti-Trump Conspiracy Ends! | Trump gets one and only daily newspaper endorsement

Trump has been consistently whining about the election being “rigged” by the media.  It might have seemed that way to him, when not one single news outlet would endorse his candidacy.  But finally, that streak is broken.  The tiny Santa Barbara News-Press gave Trump his one and only endorsement.  So, we hereby declare Trump’s cries of foul to be unwarranted.

Here is a breakdown of the candidates’ endorsements as of today:

Out of a total of 177 daily newspaper that have taken a position about the presidential election, 147 endorsed Hillary Clinton.  Five papers who had endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012 decided to make no endorsement instead of endorsing Trump.  An unprecedented nine papers endorsed not Donald Trump rather than selecting any candidate.  They told their readers to vote for anybody but Trump.  Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, got an unprecedented six endorsements.

So to sum it up, 147 times as many papers picked Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.  Nine times as many papers said don’t vote for Trump as papers who said to vote for him.  And the third-party Libertarian candidate, who keeps having “Aleppo” moments got six times as many endorsements as Trump.

Of the 34 weekly newspapers that have taken a position, 33 endorsed Hillary Clinton and one endorsed not Donald Trump.  Twelve magazines have made endorsements, including some very conservative Christian ones.  Of those, eight have endorsed Hillary Clinton and the other four have endorsed not Donald Trump.  Out of 16 college newspapers, 14 have endorsed Hillary Clinton, one endorsed not Donald Trump and the remaining one made no endorsement.

But Trump finally has one.  So he can’t cry “conspiracy” anymore.  He has to acknowledge the reality that the press genuinely detests him and thinks he poses a danger to the very fabric of our country.

We support the position taken by all but one American daily, all the weeklies, magazines and college papers: Whatever you do, DO NOT vote for Trump.

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