Tomorrow: After the Vote

Election day is finally upon us.  The pundits are keeping us all guessing who is going to win.  Will we wake up tomorrow with a sigh of relief, comforted by the knowledge that Donald Trump won’t have the power to destroy our country?  Or will we wake up, asking what went so very wrong that an egotistical, xenophobic, racist megalomaniac is the choice of the majority of our fellow citizens to run our country?

I don’t know about you, but this election has been entirely different from any I can remember.  Oh, sure, I was worried that George Bush Sr. would get us into a war (he did).  I was horrified that we elected a total idiot like his son, who turned over the reins of power to a Nixon protégé (Cheney) who practically sank our economy.

But I honestly believe that Donald Trump is infinitely worse than either of the Bushes.  Worse than Nixon.  Worse than Reagan.  Donald Trump is a puppet of Vladimir Putin, who would try to have the U.S. withdraw from NATO.  He would cede Eastern Europe back to Russia so as to effectively revive the USSR.  Not to mention the havoc he would wreak on our economy.

Some of you have taken the attitude that you won’t vote for Trump, but you can’t bring yourself to vote for Hillary Clinton because she is “corrupt.”  Let me set you straight– ALL politicians engage in backroom deals and compromises.  That is how things get done and has been the case throughout history.  She isn’t any different than Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell.  Or, for that matter, the vaunted Bernie Sanders (who I supported in the primary).

The Republicans have been demonizing Hillary Clinton for 30 years.  This year, Putin got into the picture.  Why?  Because he is angry at her for challenging the legitimacy of his last “election” to power.  So he has poured the resources of the KGB into cyber attacks designed to benefit Trump.  That’s how Wiki Leaks got all of Podesta’s emails.

Jim Comey was unexpected.  I believe there will be investigations into why he released the letter he did 10 days before a presidential election.  It’s clear why (to attempt, one final time, to derail Clinton’s campaign).  But why?  Did he do it because he wanted to derail the campaign or did somebody force his hand?  Was he blackmailed into doing it?  Was Comey doing the Kremlin’s bidding, or somebody else’s?  These are all questions that need to be answered.

If Hillary Clinton wins this election, despite the unbelievable roadblocks thrown up by the Republicans, Russians, FBI and their dupes, both witting (Fox News) and unwitting (CNN), that victory will be the biggest political upset in American history.  It will be a testament to truth winning out over lies, hope over fear and love over hate.

If Hillary Clinton loses this election, it’s because the system was rigged.  That’s right, rigged.  Not against Trump, but against the most qualified person to ever run for the office of President of the United States.  Nevertheless, if she loses, she will concede her defeat gracefully.  Because that’s what people with class do, unlike the slimy shit-bag running against her.

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