Trump Cancels Nevada, Colorado and Oregon Events

Donald Trump has canceled three scheduled events.

On Monday, outlets in Colorado, Nevada and Oregon reported that Trump events set for their respective states were canceled.  In Nevada and Colorado, Trump is still scheduled to attend fundraisers.

Trump was originally set to make a speech on immigration in Denver on Thursday, but according to The Denver Post the speech has been postponed. The campaign said that his speech was “still being modified.” Trump will, however, attend a fundraiser in Aspen, according to the Post.

The Trump campaign gave no explanation as to why the events were cancelled.  Speculation is that the campaign is devoting its resources to fend off Clinton’s gains in states generally considered to be solidly Republican.

Oregon is considered to be solidly Democratic. Clinton is leading by double-digits in Colorado and is significantly ahead in Nevada.  Clinton has been steadily gaining in Arizona and Georgia, generally considered to be reliably Republican.  The Trump campaign seems to be devoting its resources to trying to stem a Clinton landslide.

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