Trump Falsely Accusing Clinton of Racism | Trump Again Resorts to Name Calling and Lies

Donald Trump has responded to the media’s accusations that his campaign and some of his backers are racists.  Trump has not repudiated his endorsements by the KKK, American Nazi Party, John Birch Society, European Heritage Foundation and other white “racialist” groups.  Instead, he has lashed out at Clinton, falsely calling her a bigot.  His surrogates have circulated a discredited Clinton “endorsement” by the KKK from last March as “proof” that she, not he, is the racist in this campaign.

Trump’s accusations are (as usual) not founded in proof, but merely internet gossip and speculation.  Fact checking sites like  have debunked this rumor, calling it “unproven”.  The “basis” for it is a statement by Will Quigg, grand dragon of a Klan chapter in California, caught on video last March.

According to Brian Levin, a professor at California State University, San Bernardino, who heads the school’s Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism–

“These guys play the press all the time. Quigg is just pivoting. He’ll get some attention and he knows it’ll take a little heat off Trump.”

The rumor that the hate group contributed $20,000 to Clinton’s campaign is completely unfounded and is based on a report to the London Telegraph from an unconfirmed source.

Nevertheless, while Trump has refused to disavow the many hate groups that endorse him, Clinton needs to do so.  Immediately.  Her campaign needs to issue a statement denying the donation and rejecting the endorsement.


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