Trump Spokesman Tries Pushing Back at Press but Cannot Offer Any Specifics

Jason Miller, Senior Communications Advisor to Donald Trump, went on television to “push back” at an article that appeared in the New York Times which claimed that the Trump campaign is in disarray.  Despite CNN’s Brian Stelter’s repeated attempts to have Miller identify a specific fact which he was disputing, Miller couldn’t offer any.  Instead, he reverted to the same claim that the entire story is malicious and false.  See and hear for yourself:


The Trump campaign is constantly claiming that the media is biased against it but, thus far, has been completely unable to point to any specific instances of biased reporting.  It seems more likely that Trump, who has long espoused the idea that “all press is good press” has conjured up the “battle” with the press as another way of getting free coverage for his campaign and firing up his supporters.

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