Trump’s New Campaign Manager Ripped Trump in the Media

Trump has hired a former cable news pundit and head of a super PAC that supported Ted Cruz,  KELLYANNE CONWAY, as his campaign manager.

The PAC, Keep The Promise I, ran a variety of anti-Trump ads which Conway participated in producing.  For example:

Did Trump forget about all the negative things Conway has said about him in the media over the past year?

Trump “Says He’s For The Little Guy But He’s Actually Built A Lot Of His Businesses On The Backs Of The Little Guy.”

“For Trump, the debates are fraught with peril. Because now the question is going to be about these Trump victims. The reason the messaging has gotten better since Alex’s barnburner of an article two weeks ago is they’re starting to talk about victims of Trump University, victims of Trump in Atlantic City. Before that it was his conservative apostasies, now it’s actually you’re for the little guy but you’ve built your business on the backs of the little guy.”  (CNN, 3/8/16)

“I Would Like To See” Trump’s Tax Returns “Be Transparent.” Conway criticized Trump’s failure to release his tax returns, saying, “I would like to see those be transparent.” She also castigated Trump’s “unpresidential” rhetoric, referencing the time when he “insulted [his opponents] as ‘lying Ted’ and John Kasich ‘who eats like this slob.’”

Before selling out to Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway sharply criticized Trump’s lack of business integrity, lack of transparency and unwillingness to release his tax returns.  Now that she works for Trump, she has done an about-face on all her previous positions.  Since she has been bought by Trump, her credibility is virtually non-existent.  For every pro-Trump position the campaign she is now running advances, she has previously taken the opposite.

Trump’s new campaign manager credibility rating:


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